Character Education: Courage (Grade 8)

Unit of 5 Lessons
Grade Levels: 
Language Arts
Social Studies
Issue Area: 
Focus Question 

What role does courage play in relationships and life success?  How can developing courage equip people as world citizens who contribute to the common good? 

Photo credit: Courage by jridgewayphotography is licensed under CC by 2.0

Unit Overview 

This unit asks learners to choose their favorite heroes from the "Star Wars" or other movies and identify acts of courage. Using charts created in lesson one, learners find hero traits related to courage and facing daunting challenges. After highlighting the key words explaining the classic hero myth, learners look for  these traits in themselves, the Founding Fathers, and our current leaders. The learners will then reflect on the relationship between courage and fear, and identify the different character attributes that guide us when facing a challenge.

Service Experience 
Students look for opportunities to demonstrate courage to improve the relationships in their lives and communities. 
Lessons in This Unit