Nonprofits in Our World and Community (6-8)

Unit of 4 Lessons
Grade Levels: 
Media / Technology
Social Studies
Language Arts
Focus Question 
This unit fits into a larger theme of careers, but will focus only on knowledge and careers in the nonprofit sector. Students will begin with a basic look at nonprofit organizations. They will then research one particular organization and present their findings to the class. Based upon the nonprofit that they researched and studied, they will prepare for and then interview employees of that specific nonprofit. After conducting the interview, students will share the information they learned with the rest of the class. Finally, students will be asked to evaluate if/how this experience has changed their impression of nonprofit organizations in their community.
Unit Overview 
By means of research, personal interviews with nonprofit representatives, and classroom presentations, students will be introduced to the nonprofit sector allowing them to recognize the essential role this sector plays in their lives and opportunities for careers in the sector.
Lessons in This Unit