June Events and Teaching Resources

June Events and Lesson Plans

Pride month kicks off June with celebrations of personal identity and the right to be oneself in a world that doesn't always understand your identity. A new national holiday in 2021, Juneteenth is a day to raise up conversation about the subtle ways that the effects of slavery are still embedded in our system. 

  • LGBTQ+ Pride Month​ - Pride month is a celebration to recognize the value and impact of people who are LGBTQ and those working to achieve equal justice and equal opportunity.
  • National Lemonade Days (Early June): National Lemonade Days is a fundraiser that allows people of all ages to make a difference in the battle against childhood cancer. http://www.alexslemonade.org/campaign/national-lemonade-days 
  • Juneteenth (June 19): Juneteenth Independence Day is an American holiday to observe the emancipation of Black slaves (the date when the news of freedom finally reached Texas in 1865). The holiday is a celebration and a day to talk about the complex history of the fight to end slavery in the U.S. Find lessons and papers here to guide discussions. 
  • World Refugee Day (June 20): This event honors the families forced to flee their homeland under threat of persecution, conflict and violence. Join others to raise awareness and help support newly settled families and children in your own community. 

Lemonade Days and Fundraising


Lemonade Days and Fundraising

How can students raise funds for the causes they care about? National Lemonade Days is a fundraiser that allows people of all ages to make a differencein the battle against childhood cancer. These lessons provide tools and ideas for fundraising. 

Equity and Justice

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Equity and Justice

The promise of America is liberty and justice for all. While no two persons are the same, we should not let this divide us but unite us. As citizens of a fair and just society, we have the ability to take big and small actions to help us create a more equitable world. Leaders from our past and present provide guidance and inspire our world to listen and take action to work toward justice. This toolkit links to background information, activities and resources, and project ideas related to equity and advocacy.

Immigration and Refugees

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Immigration and Refugees

The common humanity of love, hard work, and valuing community are shared across all cultures. In spite of the diverse roots that make up our country, some immigrants who come for opportunity and refugees who are forced to leave their homes are treated with disrespect or even cruelty. Young people have the opportunity to speak up and raise awareness of the beauty of diversity and value of embracing people of all backgrounds and situations.

Women and Gender

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Women and Gender

Women around the world face challenges at all levels of income, education, global development, and age. In addition, anyone who identifies as transgender, gender fluid or nonbinary frequently faces judgment, discrimination, hate, even violence. This toolkit provides information, advocacy tools, lessons, and project ideas to help young people take action to change the world view of gender and demand equity.