Learners research a natural disaster and the role of the four economic sectors in responding to the needs. They participate in a donation campaign or other service project and learn about organizations to which they can contribute their philanthropy. 

Focus Question: How can we best help people who are victims of a natural disaster?

Learners distinguish between the many different approaches to addressing hunger by looking at governmental versus nonprofit programs. They will describe the importance of philanthropic actions in solving the problems of hunger in the world.

Depictions of hunger in excerpts from Jane Eyre and Oliver Twist provide concrete images of hunger as learners determine its causes and decide whether to support a change in U.S. public policy related to the issue.

In a persuasive essay, learners describe the responsibilities of American citizenship and the cost of freedom. They connect how philanthropic action is a part of those costs. “Freedom isn’t free. It passes on an enormous debt to the recipient.”