Learners will construct a questionnaire as a needs assessment tool to determine the roles of senior citizens in their community during World War II. Learners will interview the seniors at a local seniors’ residence to obtain primary source information. Compiled information will be presented in a PowerPointâ type presentation and written accounts of residents’ remembrances of World War II.

Learners will describe what constitutes good nutritional practices, compare their own eating patterns to these practices and encourage others to improve their own eating habits. They will determine the value of acting on behalf of others and decide if their actions can make a difference in the school.

The purpose of this lesson is for learners to identify and evaluate the use of primary sources to learn about our past. They will gain an understanding of how to analyze the information found within a primary source and distinguish between primary and secondary sources. Themes of philanthropy and philanthropic roles within the community in the Diary of Anne Frank will be analyzed and discussed. Learners will gain an understanding that they too have opportunities to leave accurate records of their lives for people in the future to explore.

Students will analyze how character is formed; identify their natural personality style strengths and challenges; give examples of how the government, nonprofit and for profit sectors of the economy work together in a mixed economy, and match career opportunities to personality styles and interests.

Learners will describe the work of nonprofits and research their role in the local community. They will research which local nonprofits welcome the work of volunteers and provide a data base for other students who are looking for community service opportunities.

In times of economic difficulties, people often look to the Federal Government to solve their problems. Learners will compare two presidents and view how they saw the role of the Federal Government in times of difficulty. They will also see that both presidents felt there was a need for individual and community philanthropy.

Learners will describe requirements for naturalized citizens and explain how rights given to citizens also require civic responsibility. They will analyze the words of the National Anthem and update it with a new verse that includes today’s concept of freedom.