Biographical Highlights

Vine Deloria Jr. is one of the best-known American Indian activists of the 20th century. A member of the Standing Rock Sioux reservation, Deloria came from a family of prominent...

Young people are making a difference for the issues they care about in big and small ways every day. Learners read stories of young people who are taking action through philanthropy and discuss the attributes of youth philanthropists. They reflect on their own power and potential to make a difference.

Youth identify motivations for giving and social action in the community. They compare research-based motivations of adults and youth. They write a persuasive call to action for an issue of their choice based on the motivations they learned. 

We are introduced to The Group of Seven, a group of artists whose intent was to establish a national identity, a sense of pride and an original style for Canada, inspired by the environment. This was a philanthropic endeavor for the common good of all. Participants create similar landscapes of their local community to inspire environmental stewardship.

Learners envision an ideal world characterized by principles of justice, kindness, peace, and belonging. They write articles for a fictitious newspaper called USA Tomorrow that reports on the ideal world. They will reflect in writing about one step they can take to make an ideal world a reality.