Learners look at nonprofit mission statements and then create a personal mission statement related to the impact they want to make as responsible, engaged citizens. 

Focus Question: How does an individual use personal interests and strengths to impact the common good?

The learners view works of art that advocate for social change and find that art can influence social change. The learners select an issue of human rights and create a work of art that represents the issue. They write a paragraph of explanation about their work.

Learners explore the variety of job opportunities available in the nonprofit sector, many of which may use their skills and interests. In the nonprofit sector, the work is meaningful because it focuses on a mission to make change for the better. 

Young people identify local nonprofit organizations through the Idealist.org website. They describe what the nonprofits do for the community and how people can help with their mission.


Heifer International, founded in 1944, is a unique non-profit organization founded on the basic principal that we should help the hungry by giving a source of food, rather than just the food alone.  Since...

Authored by: Krisztina Tury 


“A community is a group of people who are socially interdependent, who participate together in discussion and decision-making, and who share certain practice that both define the community and nurtured by it” (Bellah...

Learners analyze characters in five European folktales, particularly female characters. They analyze what small acts of kindness contribute to both the giver and receiver.

Through four folktales from different parts of the world and wisdom traditions, learners explore how to make decisions in difficult situations. They define discernment and wisdom and give examples of each in real-life situations.