Anticipatory Set

Define family foundation (n) as an independent private foundation whose funds are derived from members of a single family. You probably hear the names of family foundations supporting public radio and TV. They support causes they care


Anticipatory Set

When you think of the word, "community," you probably think of the town you live in. Not all communities are based on location. A classroom is a community, and so is a group that forms around a shared vision or interest. How did the ideas start that brought together...

These activities and games educate, equip, and empower students to build community, trust, and open communication in the classroom, as well as in the greater community. 


  • This Activity Teaches Problem Solving as a Group. 
  • ...

Students get outside and play in nature and recognize the beauty of diverse living things in their environment. Their service project is to take action to protect nature and share nature with someone else.