Eating well, being active, and meeting people are all part of having a healthy lifestyle and a healthy community. When diverse people come together to have active fun, they build relationships and good habits for a lifetime. Nonprofits that encourage this positive movement care about making the community stronger through biking, running, playing games, or hiking trails. What organizations in your community bring people together around outdoor activities? 

Open the door to the local beekeeping association or apiary and find out how beekeepers are saving pollinators and addressing the need of environmental sustainability. A beekeeper takes care of bees and helps individuals and communities set up sustainable beehives. They educate people on the importance of bees and involve youth in learning about habitats, financial sustainability, and the importance of being part of a supportive community. Learn about this organization and how you can help.

Open the door to the center for the blind and visually impaired and find out how advocates for people who are blind make your community a better place. People who are blind or visually impaired are just like sighted people. The best thing we can do is seek to understand how to communicate and be respectful of their abilities and interests. Learn about this organization and how you can help.

Open the door to the family farm and find out how farmers produce food and make your community a better place. We need family farms that support their communities while using practices that are good for the soil and air. Some family farms find creative ways to support their farm business by attracting visitors, having a farm market, or raising unusual foods or animals. Learn about this organization and how you can help.

Open the door to your local early childhood care center and find out how organizations that care for young children make your community a better place. An early childhood learning center is led by professional educators who understand how children learn and thrive for optimal development. Every community benefits from good quality early childhood development, which can occur in childcare facilities or in the child's home. Learn about this organization and how you can help.