In this episode of the Kids Are Philanthropists too! podcast, we explore mental health challenges that come with being sick. By listening to this intergenerational conversation, we gain new insights about how to help individuals and families during and after a health crisis. This episode helps us move beyond "just call me if you need anything."

Our host is Amy Neugebauer with 10-12-year-old co-hosts Jayden, Alona, Leo, Ismahil, Ibrahim, and Sam, all part of The Giving Square community.

Welcome youth into collaboration and innovation on activities and practices that serve the community. The first guide gives general tips, and the three project guides provide models of practice. The guides are designed for educators, parents, youth leaders, foundations, nonprofits, and community collaborators.

Choose activities from nine categories to add fun and learning to your youth group! Learning to Give, in partnership with the Council of Michigan Foundations, developed this set of activities to support youth philanthropy knowledge, skills, and action. These videos, activities, ideas, toolkits, and discussion starters support a year of youth group philanthropy engagement. 

Discuss and debate the issues related to fast fashion, its impact on people and the planet, and how the issue can be addressed to promote responsibility and the common good.

Every day, we make choices about what to eat based on our health and what we like and can afford. As global citizens who care about the good of all, we can also be aware of making food choices based on our impact on an interconnected system.

Ignite meaningful action that lights up the world through "Service Sparks" youth projects! Philanthropy is often equated with giving money, but every culture has its own rich tradition of giving, which may look like sacrificial generosity, community support, networking, or speaking up for necessary changes. What generosity do you see in your own family and neighborhood? In this activity, youth look for and capture the stories of philanthropy that express loving and powerful cultural practices. 

Ignite meaningful action that lights up the world through "Service Sparks" youth projects! Add a variety of cultural holidays to your annual calendar to raise awareness of the variety of ways people celebrate their cultural traditions. Learning about other cultures helps us see the beauty in our similarities and differences. We can reflect on whether there are core values in every culture and how our differences add interest and strength to our community. 

Ignite meaningful action that lights up the world through "Service Sparks" youth projects! Learn about ways people with different disabilities gain equitable access to places. As you walk through the community look at ways we make places more accessible for people with vision, hearing, or mobility issues. When there is room for improvement, take action to raise awareness of needs.