Working with current statistics, youth articulate the repercussions of rainforest destruction and how this destruction may personally affect them if deforestation continues at its present pace.

Researching from the perspective of one type of scientist, youth become experts on the attributes of a tropical rainforest as well as the threats to its health and impact on the globe. Youth work in teams of four to make a collage poster and presentation.

This is an introduction to the differences and similarities between temperate and tropical rainforests. The group discusses patterns in where rainforests are located, and they begin to research characteristics and gain awareness of their biodiversity. 

This lesson will serve as the final learning piece, and the accumulated knowledge will be used to assist the learners in utilizing a role play scenario to come to a consensus plan of action that moves “their community” toward compliance with Air Quality Standards (AQI).This unit is also intended to inspire personal or group action plan for promoting the common good. Academic service learning options will be made available for the learners to plan how to be engaged in direct service, indirect service or take an advocacy position that addresses concerns about air quality.

Learners will have an opportunity to investigate the multi-faceted concern of air pollution. While researching individually, learners will then share findings to broaden their knowledge base and clarify problems for concern. The learners will also analyze perspectives of involved groups who are working to address air pollution. Learners will be involved in a role play to develop a strategy for addressing air quality concerns.  Consequently, the complexity of problems and solutions will be revealed. This lesson will also serve as the first of two parts in planning for a strategy, whether col

The intent of this lesson is to illustrate the relationship between air quality and its critical role in personal health concerns. Consequently, the awareness gained will serve to develop a sense of urgency in the quest for clean air.

The purpose of this lesson is have the learners plan and set up an Art Exhibit and Auction to create an awareness of the problems associated with waste disposal within their community, and raise funds to contribute to a locally identified non-profit organization that promotes recycling efforts/projects.