A Simple Safe Service project from home: Winter weather can make being outdoors uncomfortable and even dangerous, so having the right clothing can boost our mental and physical health and even save lives. Not everyone has warm socks, jackets that fit, waterproof boots, and thick mittens. Find out if there is a need in your community and use your voice to collect and donate winter clothing.

A Simple Safe Service project from home: Give food as a gift to express care and love or donate food to community members and local nonprofits. Food has always been a gift we give from our hearts. When we visit family, friends, or community members, we often bring gifts of food, which is an expression of our time and talent - a one-of-a-kind gift. Whether we bring cookies to an elderly neighbor or donate canned goods to a shelter, food is a fundamental need and the first thing we think of in a crisis. 

This book by poet and activist Amanda Gorman sings with optimism for our personal power to make a difference for a better world. It is a celebration of change through grace and vision. In this "children's anthem," Gorman inspires us to act with our personal gifts while collectively being the best we can be. With images of famous people and musical instruments, the artist illustrates the beauty of individuals of diverse backgrounds coming together as one in community. Amanda Gorman is an African American youth poet laureate, born with a speech impediment and sensitivity to sound, who is now speaking eloquently with hope that we can all take action for a better world.