Everyday SEL Exit Tickets

Grade Level: 
K, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12
Responsible Decision-Making
Social Awareness
Social-Emotional Learning
After a meaningful session or day together, a reflective writing prompt can help young people internalize, sort, or articulate their thoughts and feelings. A great tool for SEL and personal reflection, exit tickets provide a prompt to bring thoughts to a close before moving out the door. Designed to be handed to the facilitator as a "ticket" out the door, they may also be kept private if someone doesn't want to share their thoughts in the moment.

SEL Connection: 

  • Self-Awareness: reflect on my values, thoughts and identity; listen to my body and feelings 
  • Self-Management: process and organize thoughts and feelings before responding
  • Social Awareness: consider that others may have different ways of thinking and feeling in any situation
  • Responsible Decision-Making: consider situations from different sides
  • Relationship Skills: be respectful of other perspectives 


Set the expectations for exit tickets so they may be used regularly with little introduction. 

  • Write how you think and feel in that moment, as you reflect on the activity or session.
  • Take just a few minutes; don't worry about perfection or right answers.
  • Exit tickets for SEL help you sift through your thoughts and feelings and help the facilitator understand where you are.
  • They are typically handed to the facilitator as a ticket out the door, or they may be shared on a chart or in a virtual format.
  • Since these are personal reflections, you may opt to keep your reflection private - just show it is completed. 
  • For facilitator, watch this reflection from the author.

Activity Instructions

  1. Choose the exit ticket below that fits the situation and distribute to young people at the end of a session. Print out a copy from the handouts below.
  2. Ask young people to write for a few minutes, completing the sentence stem or prompt.This is a chance to internalize, sort, or articulate thoughts and feelings. They should never be evaluated. 
  3. Young people hand it to the facilitator as they walk out of the door.

Exit Tickets

Feelings Below the Surface - handout

Wishing I Could Change Something - handout

Rules I'd Change - handout

Books to Write - handout

How Someone Made Me Feel - handout

I Deserve an Award - handout

Words and How they Feel - handout

Things to Let Go - handout


Hope for Tomorrow - handout


I Have the Right - handout


Shining Light on an Issue - handout


Things I Want to Yell - handout


Mood Check-Up - handout


People I'm Rooting For - handout


Things I Stay Up Thinking About - handout​​​​​​​


Wrap Up

Invite young people to write down their questions and thoughts in a journal.


Add these exit tickets to any lesson or activity where meaningful conversation occurs.