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Introduction to Philanthropy
These great books help us talk about giving, social justice, diverse people and cultures, challenges people face, and the value of community. We have combined selected literature with thought-provoking discussions and activities. The conversations inspire young people to explore their philanthropic identity. Reading with someone is an opportunity for developing relationships and curiosity across ages and differences.  

Reading aloud helps us raise giving and caring kids.

Reading together is an ideal way to have conversations about important stuff, whether you are a parent, teen, educator, or community member. Learning to Give literature guides combine diverse literature with thought-provoking discussions and activities that explore themes of philanthropy, like empathy, inclusion, responsibility, generosity, and working through challenges together. 

The shared experience of reading a book is powerful in many ways. We learn reading, listening, and comprehension skills, while together we celebrate the joys and sorrows that good literature presents. Literature brings us closer and introduces real issues and broadens experience in a safe environment. Reading with someone younger or older is an opportunity for developing relationships and respect across generations or grade levels!  Reading Tutor Guide    

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Titles Reflecting Latinx Culture

These books and discussion guides feature stories related to Latinx culture and history. Through literature and discussion, we explore themes of family, migration, diversity, justice, and community, while we build awareness of the strength and generosity in Latinx culture.


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Environmental Themes

This list of books and discussion guides are centered on themes of nature, environmental stewardship, and using our voice to protect the natural world. 


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Books Reflecting Muslim Culture

Books like The Proudest Blue, The Librarian of Basra, and other titles expose us to beautiful Muslim families, courage in wartime Iraq, and the stories of Middle Eastern culture. The discussion guides facilitate curiosity and respect for ways we come together for the good of all. 


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Justice and Antiracism Themes

This set of read-aloud guides brings stories, nonfiction, and books from many perspectives related to justice and speaking up about antiracism and inclusion. 


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Teen Titles

This list contains novels, nonfiction, and some picture books that spark meaningful conversation with a teen audience. 


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