Students research the practices of healthy exercise. They identify a topic related to good nutrition and personal health and write 3-5 facts to share with the class. They identify nonprofits that work to address related health needs and contact them by phone to ask questions. 


Students describe elements of personal health and fitness and relate this to the health of the community, recognizing that the elements of a healthy community are good for all members. The students identify the availability of healthy foods and practices in the school, neighborhood, and home environments.

Students explore what it means to be responsible citizens and identify ways they are (or can be) responsible at home, in school, and in the community. They create a survey related to people's perceptions of community health and poll members of the community to identify needs.

Students examine their personal healthy habits and their school (and neighborhood) environments to collect information about nutrition and fitness in the community. Students consider what changes they can make to the school or neighborhood to create a more healthful environment.

This lesson explores the components of healthy living: eating healthy foods and exercise. Children identify their favorite healthy foods and forms of exercise that help them live a healthy life. Focus question: What foods and activity choices are important for healthy living?

Students reflect on basic needs that may be difficult to meet when one doesn’t have a home. They take action by creating personal hygiene kits or asking a local nonprofit how they can help support their efforts to assist homeless people.