Creating a Special Event

11, 12

To bring members of the local and school community together to showcase what the students learned while taking the class. 

PrintA series of activities until the date of the event/ceremony

Students will:

  • Understand the proper planning that takes place before an event can happen
  • Understand the importance of sending out invitations, how to address the invitations, and how important it is for people to respond to an invitation when invited
  • Understand the proper way to provide refreshments, create a program (including speeches and slideshows/videos), and have a plan for welcoming guests

Event materials (often supplied by the school): podium, tables/chairs, tablecloths, and a venue in which to hold the event

Printed program for guests

Decorations/Supplies (flowers, plates, cups, etc.)


  1. Students will form a special events committee to discuss planning the ceremony during Artemis Fund Board meetings throughout the time of the class. 

  2. During the Board meetings students will assign tasks accordingly. Among these annual tasks, students will:

    • Decide what refreshments to provide.
    • Decide whether a guest speaker will start the ceremony.
    • Contact the grant recipient/s (when applicable) to make sure that they will have a representative at the ceremony to accept the grant.
    • Send out invitations at least three weeks prior; invitations are sent to anyone that supports the Artemis Fund and the youth serving organization(s) that will be receiving the grant.
    • Plan/write speeches for the program; speeches include remarks from the Chair of the Board and a financial summary from the Treasurer of the Board.
  3. Prior to the event, students will be in charge of setting up the room and getting all Audio-Visual equipment working properly. 

  4. During the event, students will greet and mingle with guests, present speeches, and clean up the venue.