My Philanthropy Project

11, 12

To have students find a problem that needs to be solved or a cause in which they have interest and develop a creative presentation to the class.

PrintTwo 60-minute class periods

Students will:

  • Identify an interest or a passion for an organization or cause/problem
  • Use a creative outlet to express how to educate others or illuminate the problem
  • Make a presentation to the class in a format that is organized and cohesive 

Handout: My Philanthropy Project Rubric

Computers with Internet access 

Teacher Preparation 

Review the attached student project examples to see what some students have created in the short timeframe for this lesson.


  1. Share with students’ directions for this project and hand out and review the Project Rubric with them (see handouts). Ask students to identify an organization or cause/problem that they are interested in learning more about or one about which they have a passion. [Students must get approval from the instructor before starting the project.]

  2. Students learn about the organization or cause/problem through research.

  3. Students determine a creative way to express what they have learned by creating a way of sharing it with the class. Some examples include: writing a song and performing it, making a PowerPoint presentation, creating a movie, and developing a mixed media marketing campaign. Through this, each student educates others about the organization or cause/problem (“spreading the word”) or proposes a solution.