Unit Overview 

The Great Lakes Basin provides a wealth of material to develop the five themes of geography and instill the virtues of philanthropy and environmental stewardship. Learners read and explore how waterways became polluted. They test water using the scientific method. They explore the interrelationships and responsibilities of all stakeholders: individuals, businesses, industry, government and nonprofits as stewards of the Great Lakes Basin and other waterways.

Service Experience 
After studying and testing water quality at a nearby water source or from samples provided in class, learners will compose and write letters to government representatives and non-profit foundations or agencies supporting efforts to reduce pollution or to encourage support for water quality.
Lessons in This Unit 
My Water, Your Water, Our Water
Lesson 3 of 3

Learners will understand responsible citizenship needed to be committed to saving the Great Lakes ecosystems. Learners will participate in a service-learning activity, demonstrating commitment to saving the Great Lakes ecosystems.

Instructor Note: To assist in obtaining free and low cost water testing supplies contact: http://www.lakemichigan.org