6, 7, 8
Keywords & Concepts: 

Students experience empathy for people who are homeless by listening to a song and completing the “I Am’ poem assignment.

Print1 hour

Students will:

  • listen to the song provided, then discuss the lyrics and inspiration behind the song.
  • complete the “I am” poem assignment.
  • song “Another Day in Paradise” by Phil Collins
  • Internet access to stories from the POV of people who are homeless



  1. Tell students that you want them to listen to a song and reflect in writing about who is interacting in the song and what is going on. Students listen to the song “Another Day in Paradise” by Phil Collins.

  2. Follow up with discussion questions. 

    • What is going on in the song?
    • What is it we need to think about twice?
    • What are some appropriate choices in response to a person who asks for help on the street?
    • What can young people do in response to the issue of homelessness in society?
  3. Read some first-person stories on the Internet about homelessness. Two possible sites for stories: Invisible People (videos) and Coalition for the Homeless.

    Discuss different reasons why people become homeless. Discuss how it might feel to be in that situation.


  4. Students create an “I Am” poem using the voices of the homeless from the interviews and the inspiration behind the song.


Students complete discussion questions and the “I am” poem assignment.