Stereotypes and Emergency Food Assistance

6, 7, 8

Students identify emergency food assistance programs and stereotypes surrounding hunger.

Print2 hours

Students will:

  • define Emergency food assistance, food insecurity, population density, federal nutrition program, and eligibility requirements.
  • read about emergency food assistance and food insecurity.
  • complete an interview about stereotypes surrounding hunger.
  • emergency food assistance
  • food insecurity
  • population density
  • federal nutrition program
  • eligibility requirements


  1. Introduce students to the vocabulary and terms.

  2. Students complete the "Hunger Facts Quiz" from the Second Harvest Heartland website. Discuss the results with students; focus on surprises, stereotypes, myths and why they believed stereotypes before learning results of the quiz.

  3. Give students "Child Hunger Fact Sheet For Kids" (from and ask them to spend some time reading it and discussing with a peer what they think are the article's most important points.


  4. Students create and conduct their own survey interview of 20 people about their beliefs surrounding hunger (no more than three can be from their family).

  5. Students discuss their findings as a class. They compare their survey data gathered through the interviews with the results of the hunger quiz they took. They discuss the most frequent stereotypes their findings reveal.


Students show they can accurately define the vocabulary and can research and present on different social groups and hunger.