Phil-AN-Thropy Cheer (teen)

6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12

Youth Activity: This ten-minute activity is a good workshop energizer to take a break, refresh student energy, and have fun learning the word philanthropy.

Print10 minutes

Youth will:

  • have fun learning the word philanthropy.
  • let off steam in a workshop.

chairs arranged in groupings with an aisle between each

Teacher Preparation 

The students can help you arrange the chairs in three groupings with an aisle between each group.


Some people don’t like to use the word philanthropy because of the unfamiliarity. Now that they are comfortable in saying the word, they are ready to begin their philanthropic training.


  1. The facilitator explains that the work they will be doing will be about “philanthropy.” Participants are asked what the word means to them, and the facilitator writes the responses on a board or chart. The activity they are about to do will help them pronounce the word and become very comfortable saying it. Remind students that in team sports there are a number of cheers to urge the team on. “We will be using a cheer to help us with this word.”

  2. The facilitator tells the students in the first section of chairs that they are “phil,” the second set is “An,” and the third “thropy.” Each section practices its part of the word. At the count of 3, the facilitator points to the first section, who stand and shout their part "phil"; points to the second section, who stand and shout "an"; and then the third section stands and shouts "thropy."

  3. The facilitator can add fun by pointing to the sections in different orders: "thropy - phil - an" or "an - thropy - phil." Just for fun! After a few minutes, the leader then asks the group to move their chairs together (eliminating the aisles) and at the count of 3, shout out the word, “philanthropy.” Have the group practice saying the word several times.

  4. Just like the football game cheer, the facilitator might want to include the “wave” as part of the activity. As the participants say their portion of the word, they could stand and move their arms up and down. This version would be especially good after lunch or when the participants are getting tired.