The A through Z of Philanthropy Activity

6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12

Youth Activity: Students add to their “philanthropic” vocabulary with an alphabet activity to gain a better understanding of the actions and deeds of philanthropy.
“Wisdom begins in wonder.” ~ Socrates

Print30 minutes

Youth will

  • define philanthropy
  • learn the actions and words that are used throughout the “Youth as Philanthropists” curriculum and training 
  • Alphabet cards for words and definitions
  • Plain cards to add more words
  • Dictionary
Home Connection 

This activity could be used with 5 to 11 year olds. Have the young people make up an A through Z Alphabet for the younger children. These could be illustrated and made into books to share with the younger children.

The young people might want to contact one of the elementary schools or day care centers about visiting and sharing these books with the children.

Have the young people select one of the words and definitions and find a story, song or poem, which illustrates what the word is saying. These could be shared at the next meeting or training session. 

  1. Which words were new to you?
  2. Can you think of people or places in your community where some of these philanthropic actions take place?
  3. How will you use these new vocabulary words?


  1. The facilitator hands out alphabet cards to participants. Some will have the words; some will have the definition. Participants are to mill around the room to match the word to the definition. A dictionary is available to assist in the match. Matches are to stand together.

  2. When the facilitator notices that the majority of matches have been made, he/she asks them to come forward in alphabetical order. The participants will have to line up in front of the room in the correct order WITHOUT saying a word to one another. The A’s and Z’s have the easiest job. Partners decide who will say the word, and who will say the definition.

  3. After participants have completed the activity, the facilitator tells them that there are many more words out there that can describe “Philanthropic actions”. Give the group blank index cards and put them in groups. Give the groups 10 minutes to add to the philanthropy alphabet. The facilitator asks each group to report out on their word and definition.