Time, Talent, Treasure, and Economics

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Language Arts
Social Studies
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Focus Question 

How does an individual use personal interests and strengths and an awareness of needs to impact the common good? 


Photo Credit:  Quilt by Lauren M. is licensed under CC by 2.0

Unit Overview 

Young people make blankets as comfort items for a population in need. They explore options and make a decision about what project they want to do based on need, analysis, and opportunity cost. 

Service Experience 
Young people identify a need of comfort and warmth for babies, youth in the hospital, or people who are homeless. They make and donate blankets to meet the needs of people in their community.  
Lessons in This Unit 
Time, Talent, Treasure, and Economics
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Giving homemade blankets to help people who are homeless or young people in the hospital is a form of philanthropy (giving treasure). What is the best way to donate? Using a decision-making model, the young people compare blanket projects and determine whether they have the time, talent, and treasure to help fill a need. They determine what their opportunity cost will be to participate in the project. Finally they will vote for the project of their choice.

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