Children learn about caring and sharing through discussion of the book Martin's Big Words. The lesson introduces the "big" word philanthropy (giving time, talent, and treasure for the common good). 

The children visit a local preschool or retirement facility of their choosing to read aloud a book they wrote and illustrated about generous giving. They share a drumming experience and give the drums and books as gifts. 

The learners make drums with recyclable containers and colorful craft supplies. They collaboratively write and illustrate a retelling of the story of "The Drum" and give it to a younger child. 

The purpose of this lesson is to have the children identify the value of the gifts in the folktale "The Drum." They brainstorm gifts they have to give (time, talent, and treasure) and the value these gifts may have to others.

Through the book Miss Rumphius, the children learn that caring for the environment is an act of philanthropy. The children explore ways they can make the environment more beautiful with their time and talent.