This lesson will help students learn the importance of helping people in need, and teach them to take an active role in helping others.  It will allow the students to be aware of what kind of items and quality of items should be donated, how to communicate an idea to others by visual means, and how to speak in front of others.

Although the problems of the environment seem overwhelming, if each person does a little, the problems can be reduced.  Even small contributions make an impact on the environment. Students choose ways they can make an impact through their small contributions to the environment: such as cleaning, reducing waste, maintaining gardens, or teaching others

This lesson introduces learners to our global community.  Learners see how they depend on the earth and the earth depends on them. Since we share the earth with many other people, we have a responsibility (for the good of all) to be good stewards of the earth by helping care for it.

We find poetry everywhere: lyrics to songs, commercials, and picture books. Poems express strong emotions and observations of relationships with each other and the world. Sharing their poems to communicate care can be an act of generosity.