This lesson introduces learners to our global community.  Learners see how they depend on the earth and the earth depends on them. Since we share the earth with many other people, we have a responsibility (for the good of all) to be good stewards of the earth by helping care for it.

We find poetry everywhere: lyrics to songs, commercials, and picture books. Poems express strong emotions and observations of relationships with each other and the world. Sharing their poems to communicate care can be an act of generosity. 

In this lesson, young people learn the difference between private and public resources and identify areas that are called commons. They discuss whose responsibility it is to take care of those areas and how they are managed.

The song "This Land Is Your Land" describes many places in the United States in order to call out our wonderful shared places. Young people understand that a country is made up of people living in the same place and working together to keep the place wonderful for everyone. Nonprofits are found all over the country to make sure all people get their needs met.

Introduce the folksinger Woody Guthrie and his legendary song This Land Is Your Land. His songs were written for everyone to get involved in their community. Learners understand that it is the responsibility of everyone to help take care of each other and the Earth.