We define community as "coming together with a common purpose" and brainstorm communities we are part of: classroom, sports team, interest and faith groups, and neighborhood.  We reflect on how philanthropy and trust affect the common good of the community.

The purpose of this lesson is to demonstrate that being in a group (or community) requires cooperation, working together, getting along, and resolving conflicts. The activity enables the children to accomplish this while having fun at the same time.

This lesson introduces the definition of philanthropy. The children are given the opportunity to see that philanthropy is something in which they are capable of participating. The memory building game stimulates the children to choose many different ways of being philanthropic. The students are encouraged to make a conscious effort to improve their community.

In response to reading The Lorax, participants identify what trees give to us and all sectors of society. In response, we identify our personal responsibility for caring for trees. 

This lesson introduces the characteristics of fairy tales as a genre. The children explore positive and negative character traits and universal themes in the story of Cinderella. The service plan is introduced in this lesson and carried out over the next weeks.