Introduce the folksinger, Woody Guthrie, and his legendary song This Land Is Your Land. Talk about ways we are generous for the good of others. This can be by lifting someone's spirits or taking care of the land we all share. 

Communities come in many different configurations and may be defined by place or purpose. A family, which also comes in many different configurations, is a community that comes together in the same space and/or with the shared interest of caring for one another. The young people describe the make-up and roles in their families. 

Motivated by the song "This Land is Your Land," learners locate areas on a U.S. map and discuss the definitions of community, philanthropy, and volunteer. They picture themselves as volunteers, helping others.

Children look at Comanche art and identify the meaning of symbols. The children create art representing important ideas in their self awareness and social awareness.

We each have gifts we can use to give our lives purpose and make the world better. Using our gifts for the good of others can solve problems, if we take bold and selfless action. Even very young people are capable of the kind of selfless actions that create positive change.