Students learn about the role of bees as pollinators and learn about reasons their population numbers have been declining in recent years.  They write a letter or create a handout to teach others how to help bees through planting native species.

Get to know the stories of people who represent a life of service. They may be veterans who chose to serve in the military or elderly friends who have served as activists or volunteers for different issues. Communities are stronger when people take action and work together for a common purpose. These activities, project ideas, and community resources prompt discussions and service that build respect for people of different roles, types of service, and generations.

No two persons are the same. Yet, we should not let this divide us but unite us. Each young person can be inspired by such movements and have the ability to take big and small actions to help us create a more equitable world. This toolkit guides youth, educators, group leaders, families, and community groups as they investigate the issue of equity and justice and prepare to take action.