In this lesson the students will use the data collected from their surveys in Lesson Four: Bullying and Core Democratic Values on bullying in their school. They will analyze the information and take a position on whether or not bullying violates core democratic values and whether or not students should take an active role in preventing bullying at their school.

Students will explain that a person does not have to be rich or famous to be considered a hero or philanthropist. In addition, students will discuss the impact of the Industrial Revolution on Kate Shelley and the town of Boone, Iowa in 1881.

The learners will explain that bullying violates a persons core democratic values. Students will take action on the issue of bullying by taking surveys of various groups and sharing the results and their possible solutions with others.

In this lesson, students analyze and define the concept of community. The middle-school students identify their responsibilities for the common good in their role as citizens in the school community. They list ways they can help the younger students enter their school community successfully.

The purpose of this lesson is for the students to produce a video presentation. The video demonstrates the characteristics of the middle school with the purpose of informing students of what to expect when they come to middle school. It will be presented to the fifth graders who are moving to the middle school in the coming year.

Students review the five parts of a friendly letter and then write a letter welcoming incoming students. The purpose of the letter is to help the fifth grader transition into middle school. The new students will come prepared with helpful suggestions, inside information, and a buddy in an older grade. The letters tell about the students own first experiences in middle school and their favorite parts about their school.

Students will use metaphor, simile and personification to create imagery in their writing and recognize philanthropy in poetry. The learners will also become familiar with the poet laureates, Billy Collins and his writing.