Skin Like Mine Literature Guide

Grade Level: 
PreK, K, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9
Self Awareness
by Latashia M. Perry - A guide for parents, teachers, and group leaders to accompany the reading of this picture book. The guide below provides before, during, and after-reading discussion questions. Choose from activities and discussion questions that celebrates the beauty of different colors of skin.

Through rhyming and delicious descriptions, this book celebrates the beauty of different skin colors. This book encourages self-love and a healthy appreciation for our uniqueness and the power of diversity. Reading this story together provides an opportunity to talk about each person's unique beauty and gifts. 

Before Reading 

Ask: What color is your skin, and what food is the same color as your skin? 

Show: Look at the cover and title and talk about the different colors of skin represented. As you listen to the story, listen for the way different colors are described. What foods and descriptions are used?

Connect: This story is about noticing and celebrating the beauty of our skin. What different skin colors are in the room with you now (or on your family and friends)? What other ways do we look different on the outside? In what ways are we all the same? 

During Reading 

Ask: When the narrator talks about skin color and matches it to different foods, what other words show the beauty of the skin color? 

Show: Look at the illustrations and notice what traits of people make them beautiful that aren't related to their appearance. 

Connect: Stories of our family and our history are part of what makes us who we are. What is good about being part of a colorful and diverse community with all those different stories? 

After Reading 

Ask: In what other ways are we different from one another, and what do you like about yourself that is different from others?

Show: Read the books Hair Love by Matthew Cherry and I Am Enough by Grace Byers and compare the themes and language about identity.

Connect:  Why do we read a book that celebrates our differences? Tell about a time that you wanted to be the same as other people and why you wanted that.


  1. Describe your own skin, hair, and eyes with creative color names and comparisons to beautiful things. Not all family members look alike; describe the traits of other people in your family. Describe your friend's skin color and what combination you have together (like cookies and cream in the book).
  2. Watch the short film “Hair Love.” In what ways are stories Skin Like Mine and Hair Love alike?
  3. Use a mirror to really look at yourself. Then create a self-portrait.
  4. Write a poem about something you love about yourself.
  5. Talk with a grandparent or older relative. Ask them to tell you stories about when they were little.