Unit Overview 

Students will learn about the Bahamian Festival, Junkanoo, and examine the way groups work together and preserve culture through the arts, especially when minority rights need to be protected. They will present a parade.

Service Experience 
Children will present a program, complete with a parade, in which they will share their information about Junkanoo with other students in the school or with residents of a retirement/nursing home.
Lessons in This Unit 
Art for the Common Good—Junkanoo!
Lesson 1 of 3

Junkanoo is a Bahamian Festival that takes place in December. The festival was started by slaves who were restoring some of their native customs that they left behind in Africa. Junkanoo is a nice example of artistic expression, communicating aspects of a culture. This lesson introduces the historical, geographic, and social aspects of Junkanoo. It also deals with the concept of group cooperation and asks some questions for consideration: How do factions form? How are they helpful? How can they hurt a community?