The Expo Experience

6, 7, 8
Keywords & Concepts: 

Step Five is where students create the presentation of the service-learning project they are proposing. They will receive feedback and then present their ideas in front of parents and community partners that you invite in. The presentations are a celebration of the learning that has happened up to this point.

PrintFive 45-Minute Sessions

The learner will:

  • participate in necessary mini-lessons to fulfill "need to knows."
  • complete a budget for the service-learning project.
  • complete a service-learning plan.
  • collaborate with group members to complete their service-learning plan presentations.
  • present their service-learning plan to members of the community during a service-learning expo.
  • display copy of "Step Five" handout to preview what students must complete in this lesson
  • student copies of handout "Critical Friends" - a peer-review guide
Teacher Preparation 

Set a date for a community expo at which students will present their proposal and the group votes on the projects they will carry out. Invite members of the community, families, and other staff/students to the expo.

Home Connection 

Invite family members and community members to participate in the Community Expo as viewers (and it is up to the students whether the guests may have voting privileges).


  1. Anticipatory set:

    Give the date for the community expo at which the student groups will present their proposals to family and community members and they vote on the service-learning project they will carry out. 

  2. Give the student groups work time in class to complete their service-learning plan and presentation. 

    Teach mini-workshops to students, as needed, for the skills and content they "need to know" to complete their plan and presentation.

  3. Feedback and Revision process

    Teach the students the "critical friends" process as a method for getting feedback on their presentations. Critical Friends are friendly classmates looking to help us get better. The group selects 2-4 students to act as "critical friends." Each critical friend has a copy of the handout below "Critical Friends." As the critical friends observe a practice performance, they write down things they like and things they wonder. They give this to the group to help them edit and improve their presentation/performance before the expo.

  4. Presentations:

    At the expo, student groups present their service-learning proposal.

    After all of the presentations, students vote on the service-learning project(s) they want to carry out this year. The project may be carried out by the class or the school.

    Before the voting, tell the students that they should select the project based on the following criteria: addresses a need, can be done in the time allotted, is within a budget, and sounds fun/interesting/creative.

Philanthropy Framework

  1. Strand PHIL.IV Volunteering and Service
    1. Standard VS 01. Needs Assessment
      1. Benchmark MS.1 Identify a need in the school, local community, state, nation, or world.
      2. Benchmark MS.2 Research the need in the school, neighborhood, local community, state, nation, or world.
    2. Standard VS 02. Service and Learning
      1. Benchmark MS.1 Select a service project based on interests, abilities and research.
    3. Standard VS 03. Providing Service
      1. Benchmark MS.3 Describe the task and the student role.
      2. Benchmark MS.4 Demonstrate the skills needed for the successful performance of the volunteer job.
    4. Standard VS 04. Raising Private Resources
      1. Benchmark MS.2 Develop a project budget.
      2. Benchmark MS.3 Develop a service plan.
    5. Standard VS 05. Integrating the Service Experience into Learning
      1. Benchmark MS.3 Identify outcomes from the service.