Unit Overview 

Students read the story Seedfolks and participate in discussions and activities centering around the characters' actions that lead to the creation of community. The students improve their own community by means of a service project intended to promote the common good. 

Service Experience 
Involvement in the identification, planning,and implementation of a service project that meets a community need will form the basis of the experiential component for this lesson.
Lessons in This Unit 
Sowing the Seeds of Community
Lesson 1 of 3

The class will read and listen to the retelling of the story Seedfolks, and participate in discussions about the characters in the story and their actions which lead to the creation of a community garden.  The students will also journal the thirteen characters in the story identifying their character, heritage, motivation and contributions to nourishing and maintaining the vacant lot garden and how their combined efforts changed not only their lives but also the lives of their community for the better.