November Events and Teaching Resources

November Events and Lesson Plans

Highlight major November events and their relationship to service and community. The following teachable moments and lesson plans help you infuse philanthropy and service into academic areas: 

Election Day (first Tuesday after the first Monday in November)

Veterans Day (November 11): Use this teachable moment to have students focus on the contributions of "real" heroes for the common good, and plan for a way they can become heroes in even a small way in their community through service and volunteerism. View the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs. View the History Channel's Take a Veteran to School project. See Learning to Give lesson plans below.

National Philanthropy Day (November 15): This day provides an opportunity to reflect on the meaning of giving – how it has enhanced our civic society, as well as what there still is to do. View Lesson Plans co-created with NPD and Learning to Give.

Family Volunteer Day: Demonstrate the power of families who volunteer together to serve the communities in which they live. Volunteering as a family provides quality time for busy families, strengthens communication and bonds, and positively impacts local communities across the nation. Learn more at generationOn

Thanksgiving Day: In this season of giving, help your students reflect on what they are thankful for and how they can "pay it forward" to others. Students gain knowledge and learn ways to address the issues of hunger and poverty in the community.

After Black Friday and Cyber Monday, redirect student attitudes to generosity and caring on GivingTuesday.  See TeachOne lesson plans below. 

Hunger, Homelessness and Poverty

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Hunger, Homelessness and Poverty
Move beyond the holiday canned food drive and engage youth in knowledge about hunger and poverty and discussion about why it exists. Featured lessons explore why people are hungry and what anyone can do to address it.  Another toolkit focuses on food security and food justice.

Civic Participation and Voting

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Civic Participation and Voting

Teach skills of civic participation from voting to advocating for a cause. Each toolkit includes lesson plans, project ideas, and background information related to civic participation and voting. Civic Participation Toolkit

Photo Credit:  November 4: D'arby voted! By Gwen is licensed under CC by 2.0

Honoring Veterans and Community Helpers

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Honoring Veterans and Community Helpers

This toolkit of lesson plans, project ideas, and background information raises awareness of the role of veterans, military, and community helpers. Youth gain knowledge of their service as a form of philanthropy - giving their time for the common good. Read literature, study the actions of past military, and take action to advocate for veterans and community helpers and give support to current soldiers. 

#TeachOne Lesson about Giving

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#TeachOne Lesson about Giving

You don't need to learn a new teaching strategy to impact kids' giving knowledge and action. TeachOne lesson about generosity, community, and the role of philanthropy. Start conversations and action that impact students' lives, not just their year!