The learner will experience the process of identifying needs of the community and making decisions based on the urgency of those needs. They will also experience the planning process that occurs when developing steps to alleviate the need.

Students will be confident enough to schedule appointments to volunteer with the organizations they have chosen and make a professional telephone call.

The students will write a business letter to the service professional organization they have chosen requesting information about the organization and its cause. This information will be the foundation for the research paper each student will write.

Students will engage in a service learning activity, write about it in a journal, an essay and an observation report, and complete a project summarizing their experience. While written for a Christian Middle School, the lesson may be easily adapted for public school use.

Students will interact with older citizens in order to make intergenerational connections in the community, discover the wealth of history around us, and develop pride in and a sense of connection to our community.