Blind Trust Walk

9, 10, 11, 12

Students trust another to take them for a blindfolded walk. They discuss what it feels like to be in each role. They discuss the role of trust in communication.

Print50 minutes

The Learner will

  • practice trusting another in a simple task.
  • take responsibility for another's safety.
  • discuss the role of trust in community.
  • Blindfolds: these can be made from black plastic garbage bags. Cut strips 5" by 30". If you use the thin plastic bags, you will have to double them for adequate thickness.
  • Boxes and other obstacles may be added at your discretion.
Teacher Preparation 

Note: Emphasize safety guidelines so that no one is hurt. If this doesn't go well, it will break down the trust in the group.

Home Connection 
  • Write about the person you trust the most.
  • When did you need to trust someone?
  • How do we learn to trust someone?
  • We can build trust with people by working with them.
  • Leading is a big responsibility.
  • It's good to have people around you whom you can trust.


  1. Discuss what it is to be trustworthy and to trust someone. List characteristics of trustworthy people. Ask the students whom they trust. 

  2. Assign pairs of students and give each pair a blindfold. Explain that you will be going for a walk as a class, and that the sighted member of the pair is responsible for leading and alerting his/her partner about what is underfoot. Demonstrate, with you as the sighted member of the team, how to communicate with their partners. Stress gentle communication! 

  3. Choose a path in and out of the school, if possible; up and down stairs; in and out of cardboard boxes; under and over things. Make it varied but not too difficult. 

  4. When the first group has finished, exchange the blindfolds and have next group take a turn. If possible, vary the route. 

  5. Discuss the following:

    • What were some of the feelings you had as a leader and a blinded follower?
    • How did you communicate with one another?
    • How do you feel now toward your partner?
    • What role does trust play in communication?
    • What role does communication play in developing trust?