Running Blind

9, 10, 11, 12

Students play a game that involves taking risks and watching out for others. They discuss their feelings in both roles and discuss the role of trust and responsibility in community.

Print50 minutes

The Learners will

  • develop trust in one another.
  • work as a team.
  • take responsibility for another's safety.

Blindfolds: clean cloths or strips from a dark plastic garbage bag will do. Each strip should be 5" by about 30"

Teacher Preparation 

Adapted with special permission from Silver Bullets, by Karl Rohnke from Kendall/Hunt Publishing Company. Copyright 1984 by Project Adventure.

Home Connection 
  • Write a short story about a group of students who end up in a situation where they must trust one another. These can be shared in class.
  • Write several pargraphs on how team sports rely on trust.

We can be responsible for one another. We can learn to trust fellow students by working with them.


  1. Have a student stand at one end of a basketball court with his/her back to the wall. The person should assume the hands-up/palms-out, protect yourself position. Student is either blindfolded or has promised to keep his/her eyes closed and will be asked to jog toward the opposite wall at a steady unchanging pace.

  2. Most of the remaining students are spread out in a flanking line with their backs to the wall that the blindfolded jogger is approaching. The job of these spotters is to use their hands to stop the jogger before he/she encounters the wall.
  3. Place a few spotters 3/4ths of the way down the court on the sidelines to prevent wildly disoriented joggers from going into the wall or bleachers. Don't ignore this suggestion: disorientation happens.

  4. Don't allow any fooling around by the spotters. Trust is a fragile commodity and is easily broken. Ask the spotters to be as quiet as possible.

    Note: Let each student take a turn to be blindfolded and "run blind."

  5. Discussion Questions:

    • How did it feel to be blindfolded? Did you trust your classmates to dotheir part?
    • How did it feel to be a spotter?
    • How do we feel when people trust us to do important jobs?