Learning Each Other's Names

9, 10, 11, 12

Students prepare a one-minute speech about themselves using an object as a device to share a story and help others remember their name and something about them. 

PrintTwo 50-Minute Class Periods

The Learner will

  • share something important about themselves.
  • practice public speaking.
Home Connection 
Write about two of the speeches that were given and why they were your favorites. Do you want to get to know these people better? Why?
  • The more we know about someone, the easier their name is to remember.
  • Sharing part of ourselves makes us feel closer to people.
  • Keeping comments to one minute is a challenge.


  1. Tell the students (in advance) they are to prepare a one-minute speech (stress importance of keeping to time limit) using an object to tell the class something about themselves. Example: a picture of someone, an object that reminds them of a special time in their life, etc. The teacher should participate in this exercise as well.

  2. On the day of speeches, review guidelines for classroom behavior when someone is speaking, established during previous lesson on interviews.

  3. Assign class member to keep track of time. Give a warning at 50 seconds so student can wrap up his/her talk. 


  4. Discuss what values were mentioned in students' speeches. How have these helped class members to get to know one another? 

  5. Questions to Discuss

    1. Can we learn something about someone in one minute?
    2. What values were being discussed?
    3. Was one mentioned more than others?
    4. Was the time limit difficult to keep?
    5. Will this help you remember your classmates' names and who they are?
    6. What makes us who we are? Is it more than our name?