The Name Game

9, 10, 11, 12

Play a fast-paced game to practice saying names. Discuss the importance of using names. 

Print50 minutes

The Learners will

  • practice using names.
  • have fun.

an opaque blanket or fabric to use as a divider


What is it about using names that makes us feel good? What are the benefits of using people's names regularly?


  1. Discuss why it's important to know people's names.

    Have each student introduce themself to the group.

  2. Divide the group into 2 teams. You will need 2 volunteers to hold the divider between the two teams to block the view of the other team. Each group sits on the floor facing the other group with the divider between. 

  3. The teams choose a member to sit in the front of the group, behind the divider. On the count of 3 the divider is dropped and the two sitting in the front each try to be the first to say the other's name. The winner is the one who correctly says the other's name first. The loser goes to join the other team. 

  4. The team with the most members at the end wins. Reflection Questions:

    • How does it make us feel when someone remembers our name?
    • How does it feel when someone doesn't remember?
    • Are there tricks to helping us remember names?