Learning About the Members of the Class

9, 10, 11, 12
Print50 minutes
  • The Learner will
  • practice the technique of interviewing as a means of getting acquainted. 
  • introduce someone to a group of people.

paper and pen

Teacher Preparation 

Note: This lesson is an opportune time to establish guidelines for classroom behavior. Students will be doing a lot of public speaking and audience etiquette needs to be discussed now. Let the students establish the rules and have someone make a poster and post it in the classroom.

  • Interviews can help people get better acquainted.
  • Introducing people to a group is an important way of communicating.
Home Connection 

Write an introduction for yourself as if you had interviewed yourself and were making the presentation in class.


  1. Introduce the topic. Tell the students they will be paired off to interview each other, then present the person they interviewed to the class in a 1- to 2-minute speech. Interviewers should take notes.

  2. Discuss the technique of interviewing. Ask the students:

    • What are some different kinds of interviews? ( job interview, interview for TV or a newspaper, oral history interview, interviewing prospective college roommate)
    • For an interview designed to help people get acquainted with one another, what are some important facts to look for?
    • What kinds of questions elicit important and appropriate information about a person? ( List them on the board so students can refer to them.)
  3. Ask students to pair off, and each interviews the other. Interviews should last 3 to 5 minutes. Interviewers should take notes.

  4. Discuss the art of introducing someone to a group. Ask the students:

    • How does one stand, look, speak, act? What things do you say, what things do you not say?
    • Students present one another to the class. Presentations should last about 1 to 2 minutes.