This Land Is Our Land (Stewardship) (Private-Religious)

Unit of 3 Lessons
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Language Arts
Social Studies
Arts Education
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Focus Question 

 What is the connection between creation and taking care of the environment? What is my role in caring for the environment? 


Photo Credit:  No Shortage of Trash by Michael B. is licensed under CC by 2.0

Unit Overview 

Using traditional Jewish texts as a basis, students learn the importance of taking care of the environment. This unit teaches young students a sense of responsibility to take care of the environment that G-d created. It also demonstrates that even young students have the power to contribute to the community. Students not only learn about the environment and creation, but also perform acts that preserve the environment.

Service Experience 
Students will plant seeds using some recycled materials. Students provide labeled recycling boxes (for paper, plastic, and metal) in appropriate places around school.  They communicate expectations, manage the project, and bring the recycled goods to a local recycling station. Students plan and carry out a project to improve the school environment, such as separate recycling around school, rake leaves, pick up garbage, or educate others through informational posters.
Lessons in This Unit 
This Land Is Our Land (Stewardship) (Private-Religious)
Lesson 3 of 3

Although the problems of the environment seem overwhelming, if each person does a little, the problems can be reduced.  Even small contributions make an impact on the environment. Students choose ways they can make an impact through their small contributions to the environment: such as cleaning, reducing waste, maintaining gardens, or teaching others