Unit Overview 

Students listen to stories about different generations and make connections with some senior community members. They explore shared experiences with memory—memories of people, toys, good times, family. They explore the concept of recycling, what it meant in past generations compared to what it means today.

Service Experience 
In Lesson Three: Making Something from Nothing, students demonstrate stewardship of the environment for the sake of future generations. They make a project out of recycled materials and display them for others to see. In Lesson Four: Trash: Past, Present and Future, students measure the amount of trash they produce in a week. They calculate the effect that has on the earth over time. Students make a commitment to reduce the amount of trash they produce. In Lesson Five: Intergenerational Friendships, the students establish a friendship over several visits and through writing with an senior member of the community. Students continue to write letters to maintain the established friendship.
Lessons in This Unit 
Sharing and Caring Across Generations
Lesson 1 of 5

This lesson raises students’ awareness of memories and the importance of memories to the people of all ages that make up a community. Students will learn the definition of philanthropy and identify an act of philanthropy in the literature book Wilfrid Gordon McDonald Partridge.