Unit Overview 

Students explore the concept of community and perform a service in order to recognize their responsibility to their community. The students take a field trip to a local community business district/downtown and learn about the four sectors: business, government, nonprofit, and family. 

Service Experience 
Based on community needs as well as students’ interests and abilities, the class chooses a service project to carry out. Some community projects may include fixing up a park, helping at the library, helping those in need, building bird houses for the nature center and making banners or posters to teach others about a need. See Extension in Lesson One: What Is a Community? Choose an animal, such as a polar bear, a whale or an otter. Gather information about the animal and find out what organizations are doing to help the animal. Is there some way that the class can help, such as adopt an animal or raise money for the helping organization? Go to <http://wildlifeadoption.defenders.org/site/RedirectHandler?key=adopt_adwordshome>to read about adopting an animal for the class. For a donation of $25, the class will receive a plush animal and a monthly newsletter. See Extension in Lesson Two: Our Classroom Is a Community. Students can brainstorm a list of philanthropic acts they can do in the community without permission, such as picking up trash. Choose one act to carry out as a group.
Lessons in This Unit