Unit Overview 

Students preserve local history through writing. The students interact with older citizens, share and record their stories, discover the wealth of history in the town, and develop in students pride and a sense of connection to the community.

Service Experience 
Students are asked to join in an effort to preserve local history by collaborating on a book of recorded interviews. They begin by selecting a focus for their written project and advertising the project in the community to gain support and help in contacting people to interview. Students will meet with older members of the community and interview them about their experiences. They will write a story based upon the interview, assemble individual projects into a book, and host a release party for the community to share the finished product.
Lessons in This Unit 
Wellspring—An Intergenerational Historical Writing Project
Lesson 5 of 5

Students will experience the pride of producing a finished book. They will realize the value of their contribution to the community. Finally, they will celebrate the hard work and efforts that made their project possible.