Unit Overview 

Students learn the meaning of philanthropy through stories and role-playingThey reflect on the value of philanthropy to the community and the philanthropist. The experiential component involves helping pack, organize, and distribute food or donated items to people in their own community.

Service Experience 
Students will become active in their community by packing food at a local food pantry.
Lessons in This Unit 
What Is Philanthropy?
Lesson 4 of 5

Using the plays from the previous lesson as a jumpstart, the students carry out a plan to share time and talent in the community.  They help at a local food pantry or donation center.  After the visit, the students reflect on the impact of their contribution to the community and themselves. 

Note: Prior to this lesson, make arrangements with a local food pantry, donation center, or Red Cross, or contact your local Volunteer Center @ 1-800-volunteer, to arange for the students to visit a a site as volunteers.  Make sure the students can actually help with some of the work.