Current Events

11, 12

To create student awareness about philanthropy in daily life throughout the world using a variety of topics and sources.

PrintAs time allows, at the start of class daily or periodically throughout the course.

Students will:

  • Read current newsworthy stories or articles about philanthropy and seek out television news and web based stories to present to the class
  • Learn about the many ways philanthropy occurs on a daily basis by using mass media, publications like The Chronicle of Philanthropy and regional foundation publications as sources of articles.

The Chronicle of Philanthropy, local newspaper, magazines, television, local foundation reports, Internet resources.


  1. To model exploration of philathropy in the news, the teacher shares recent article(s) and encourages class discussion and class contribution to the topic.

  2. In subsequent classes, students identify articles of interest from a professional philanthropic publication or media source. The students present the articles and discuss them with their peers.


Class discussion; oral presentation to class (review and comment on lessons learned from the publications).