Focus on International Giving with a Speaker from CARE International

11, 12

To introduce students to organizations that focus on international and global problems, rather than local or national concerns.

Note: This specific lesson involves CARE, an international organization located in Atlanta where the Philanthropy 101 course was developed. We encourage other schools to identify an international nonprofit located in their community.

Print1 1/2 hours

Students will:

  • Hear from a representative of CARE International, located in Atlanta
  • Understand the unique problems that face third world countries
  • Reflect and discuss whether it is better to give locally and think globally or give globally and think locally

Handouts from CARE including the annual report and other related materials.

Video or DVD on the work of CARE.


  1. Guest speaker discusses the work of the organization and global issues. Presentation is followed by an interactive class discussion.

  2. Students’ review GuideStar’s evaluation of CARE.


Participation in class discussion and ability to review CARE evaluation utilizing GuideStar.