Presentation Regarding Institutional Advancement

11, 12

To emphasize the importance of fundraising for capital campaigns and annual appeals and to discuss the importance of personally supporting organizations which are important to individuals and their family.  Convey the message that the students are all recipients of someone else’s philanthropic giving to the private, nonprofit school they attend. If a public school adopts Philanthropy 101, teachers might consider adjusting this lesson to introduce students to their school district's education foundation or to a local private school. 


Students will:

  • Understand the financial operations, budget and fundraising of the school they attend
  • Understand the importance of their own financial support to their school in the future
  • Learn about careers in fundraising and in the nonprofit world


  1. Discussion with a representative or a panel from the school’s office of institutional advancement, who share with students the revenue sources and expenditures of a private school (which is also a nonprofit).  Students learn about the vital importance of fundraising and the giving of individuals in the school community to support the operations of the school. 


A reflective essay on students’ willingness to eventually give to their own school.