Modern Slavery & Ethical Consumerism

11, 12

To introduce students to the harsh realities of modern-day slavery. 

Print3 hours

Students will:

  • Understand that slavery is still present
  • Study fair trade principles
  • Identify manufacturers that source through fair trade products
  • Visit a local fair trade retail store

Ted Talk, “Photos that bear witness to modern slavery” by Lisa Kristine, January 2012 []

Slavery Footprint []

Fair Trade Principals:

Fair Trade USA:

Examples of fair trade retailers: 1) Fair Phone []; 2) Good Weave []; and 3) Patagonia []


  1. Show the Lisa Kristine TED Talk, “Photos that bear witness to modern slavery,” and follow with a discussion.

  2. Students take the Slavery Footprint quiz and learn about the various ways slavery has a role in the supply chains of many items we purchase or use daily.

  3. The class visits Ten Thousand Villages, a fair trade retail store, to learn how they acquire fair trade products and support craftsmanship around the world.