Multi-Media iBook & Public Service Announcement

11, 12

To create multi-media iBooks with PSAs (public service announcements) that explore and raise awareness about (local or global) issues  (such as homelessness, water pollution, education, or hunger) that can be addressed by philanthropy.

Print6 hours

Students will:

  • Select one issue about which they are passionate
  • Understand that issues can be complex and are being addressed by different members and institutions in the community
  • Advocate for their cause through a PSA and offer solutions for the issue


Internet access




  1. Teachers facilitate a brainstorming session during which students identify their passions and self select into groups based on their common interests.

  2. The groups use self-guided research time to create multi-media iBooks that explore and raise awareness about their local or global issue. During this research, students identify two nonprofit organizations, one government initiative, and one corporation that work to address the issue selected.  

  3. Students also create a public service announcement that is included in the iBook to be shown at the final class luncheon. The iBook and PSA assignment allows students to explore one issue in depth. They are encouraged to think critically about the ways organizations collaborate to address different issues in our city with creative, innovative solutions.


Students’ iBooks and PSAs are reviewed by instructors. The iBooks are presented to the class and published as resources for other schools or use on nonprofit websites. PSAs are shown during the final Philanthropy 101 luncheon celebration and during the upcoming school year as highlights on the school’s student-run web TV station.