Establishing a New Nonprofit "Road Safe America"

11, 12

Purpose: To share with students how a successful local nonprofit was formed and how laws have been changed as a result of its advocacy work. In the case of Road Safe America, the nonprofit's advocacy work affected laws dealing with the trucking industry.

Note: This specific lesson deals with a tragedy associated with an alumnus of the school where the Philanthropy 101 course was developed, and so it is included in this set of lessons. We encourage other schools to identify a nonprofit founded in their community as the result of a local need, event or tragedy.

Print1 hour

Students will:

  • Understand that a tragedy is sometimes the impetus for a nonprofit to be formed, with the purpose of addressing the cause of the tragedy
  • Talk with grieving parents who established a nonprofit after the death of their son in a traffic accident
  • Understand the scope of dealing with changing laws and public policies with respect to highway safety

Video and brochures about the organization

Copy of a Highway Safety Test 


  1. The parents of a student who was fatally injured in a serious accident speak about their reasons for establishing a local nonprofit to educate and prevent similar accidents.